Continental All-Age Call-Backs

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Congratulations to the 2017 Continental All-Age Call-Back Dogs, Owners and Handlers:
(Listed in order of running; to conclude Saturday afternoon, 1-28-17)

House’s Buckwheat Hawk-PM-Bruce & Karen Norton-McLean
Erin’s Hidden Shamrock-SM-Sean Derrig o/h

WW Red Rage- PM-Jeff Frazier- Vincent
Lester’s Powerhouse- PM- Gary Lester o/h

Lester’s Prime Charter-PM- Dr. Reuben Richardson/ B&K Norton- McLean
True Confidence-PM- Frank & Jean LaNasa- Eisenhart

Oakspring Big Time Warrior- PM- Jeff Miller- Vincent
Dominator’s Rebel Heir-PM- Jim Hamilton- Daniels

Miller’s Dialing In-PM – Gary Lester- o/h
Erin’s Muddy River- PM- Tommy Hamilton- Gates

Westfall’s Black Ice- PM- Bill Westfall- Daugherty
Lester’s Sunnyhill Joe- PM- David Thompson- Lester

Just Watch-PM- Jack & Tracy Haines- Daniels
Awesum in Motion -SM- Bill & Margie Ricci- Eisenhart


Top Qualifying Dog:
House’s Buckwheat Hawk-PM-Bruce & Karen Norton-McLean


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