2016 Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

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2016 Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

1a McRee’s Glory B – McPherson
1b Grit – McDuffie

2a JC Stoney – Camponey
2b Piney Woods Jackpot – Henley

3a Miller’s She’s A Hot Cookie – F Miller
3b CS Joe Kidd – Gibson

4a CS Lucy – Gibson
4b Dragon Fly – Hughes

5a Miller’s Lite Cruizer – Moses
5b Bella Rosa Blues – Hicks

6a Ransom’s Bug Out – Hughes
6b McRee’s Perfect Posture – McPherson

7a Queen – Rutland
7b Lester’s Prime Poison Lane – Peterson

8a Miller’s Bring the Heat – J Miller
8b Bo Bundy – Jones

9a Chip – McDuffie
9bAmerican Express Lane – Peterson

10a Iron and Oak – Leonard
10b Shady Grove Prissy – Jones

11a Mike – Rutland
11b Miller’s Armed and Dangerous – Crosby

12a Seeking A Thrill – Leonard
12b Bomb’s Away – Moses

13a Rentz’s Fire and Ice – Rentz
13b Just Thrilling – Leonard

14a Sue – Crosby
14b Kate – Rutland

15a Redland’s Jacked Up – Rentz
15b Jack Lovern


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