Lee County FTC Brace Sheet

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Lee County Open All-Age
Showtime Plantation
Bronwood, GA
December 12, 2016

 All Age

1a Lesters Luke Bryan-PM-Lester
1b Neely’s Power Play-PM-Gates/Mclean

2a Showtime Shotgun Man-Pm-Copeland
2b Unchained Spirit-PM-Henley

3a Erins Muddy River-PM-Gates/Mclean
3b Fun Seekers Hit man-PM-Daniels/Carlton

4a Touches Game Point-PM-Mclean/Gates
4b Millers Dialing In-PM-Lester

5a Lester Sunny Hill Jo-PM-Lester
5b Erins Longmeire-PM-Gates/Mclean

6a Just Unforgettable-PM-Daniels/Carlton
6b Showtime Automatic-PM-Copeland

7a Sheer Joy Big Money-SM-Daniels/Carlton
7b Shadows White Warrior-PM-Gates/Mclean

8a Sand Hill Trigg-PM-Rayl
8b Bodacious-PM-Furney

9a Song Rider-PM-Mclean/Gates
9b Touches Red Rider-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis

10a Erins Wild Justice-PM-Eisenhart/Davis
10b Dominators Dotted Line-PF-Daniels/Carlton

11a Touches Blue Moon-PM-Mclean/Gates
11b Millers Creative Call-PM-Lester

12a Phillips Stormline-PM-Furney
12b Lesters Shut Out-PM-Gates/Mclean

13a Saddle Up Salley-PF-Copeland
13b Rockey Knol Annie-PF(IS)-Rayl

14a Three Rivers-PM-Gates/Mclean
14b KF Sandman-PM-Daniels/Carlton

15a Lesters Pete Rose-PM-Lester
15b Touches White Knight-PM-Mclean/Gates

16a Midnight in Montgomery-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis
16b Dominators Rebel Legacy-PM-Daniels/Carlton

17a Big Sky Pete-PM-Gates/Mclean
17b KF Iceman-PM-Carlton/Daniels

18a True Confidence-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis
18b Touches Grave Digger-PM-Mclean/Gates

19a Cold Water Hammer-PM-Mclean/Gates
19b Cross City Rip-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis

20a Spencer Rambling Law Man-PM-Rayl
20b Chicapin Hot Shot-PM-Gates/Mclean

21a Shadows Image-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis
21b Touches Secret Agent-PM-Furney

22a Dominators Rebel Hier-PM-Daniels/Carlton
22b Seminole Boss-PM-Furney

23a House Buck Wheat Hawk-PM-Mclean/Gates
23b Just Irresitable -PM-Daniels/Carlton

24a Strut Nation-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis
24b Rockey Knol Jackson-SM-Rayl

25a Lesters Power House-PM-Lester
25b Shadows Next Exit-PM-Gates/Mclean

26a Sinbad Rumor-PF-Daniels/Carlton
26b Shadows Full Throttle-PM-Gates/Mclean

27a Fireline-PM-Mclean/Gates
27b Awesome in Motion-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis

28a Just Watch-PM-Daniels/Carlton
28b Dunns Tried and True-Pm-Eisenhart/Davis


Open Derby

1a Lesters GA Time-PM-Lester
1b Showtime Big Show-PM-Daniels

2a Bad Prairie Billboard-PM-Mclean
2b Mayhaw King of the Hill-PM-Phillips

3a Hutchinson Bird Savvy-PM-Hutchinson
3b Erins Kentucky Moonshine-PM-Eisenhart

4a Awesome Country Justice-PM-Eisenhart
4b Georgia Boy Rock-PM-Mclean

5a Lesters Pete Rose-PM-Lester
5b Erins River Dance-PM-Eisinhart

6a Pendy’s Good Grace-PF-Eisinhart
6b Lesters Luke Bryan-PM-Lester

7a Showtime Dominator-PM-Daniels
7b Mayhaw Rambling Man-PM-Phillips

8a Lesters Private Charter-PM-Lester
8b Midnight in Montgomery-PM-Eisinhart

9a Shear Joy Unforgiven-SM-Daniels
9b Millers Speed Dial-PM-Lester

10a Sims Rambling Rex-PM-Rayl
10b Bye


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