Georgia Association of FTC

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Georgia Association of FTC
Feb. 16, J.L. Lester, WMA

Open Shooting Dog

1a    Hank – Steve Browder
1b    Maple Valley Cowgirl – Jeanette Tracy

2a    Brown Town Santee – Jerry Raynor
2b    Daniel’s Creek Whitehawk – Travis Gellhaus

3a    Lou – Steve Browder
3b    Jessie’s Bonanza – Jeanette Tracy

4a    Jesse’s Cold Shoulder – Jesse Brown
4b     Jake – Steve Browder

5a    Great River Journey – Jeanette Tracy
5b    Touch’s Lite Air Drifter – Travis Gellhaus

6a    Palara – Mike Tracy
6b    Brown’s Miss April – Jeanette Tracy

7a    Roy – Steve Browder
7b    Vanilla Creek – Mike Tracy

8a    Rockin Kate – Jerry Raynor
8b    Big – Steve Browder

9a    Erin’s War Creek – Mike Tracy
9b    Pine Straw Black Hawk – Jeanette Tracy

10a    Miller’s Unchained Melody – Joel Norman
10b    Jane – Steve Browder

11a    Covey Up Woodie – Jeanette Tracy
11b    Great River Dakota – Mike Tracy

12a    Attitude’s Iron Will – Travis Gellhaus
12b     Erin’s Broken Arrow – Jerry Raynor

13a    Jessie’s Bojangles – Jeanette Tracy
13b    Miller’s Stray Bullet – Joel Norman

14a    Miller’s Ellusive Lady – Jole Norman
14b    Touch’s J Class – Travis Gellhaus

15a    The King’s Hand – Jeanette Tracy
15b    Little Girl Creek – Mike Tracy

16a    Decoy Lakes Winning Harley – Jerry Raynor
16b    Marques Lucky Charm – Mike Tracy

17a    Play At The Plate – Travis Gellhaus
17b    Covey Up Black Ice – Jeanette Tracy

18a    Steel City Arapahoe – Jeanette Tracy
18b    Calico’s Cowboy Casanova – Mike Tracy

19a    Palmetto’s Solid Rock – Jerry Raynor
19b    Armstrong Mountain Iceman – Mike Tracy

20a    Steel City Karen – Jeanette Tracy
20b    Thinderbird Jaxinabox – Travis Gellhaus

21a    Grand Heritage Commotion – Jeanette Tracy
21b    Adjusted Attitude – Mike Tracy

22a    Chiseled In Stone – Jeanette Tracy
22b    Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride – Mike Tracy

23a    Brown’s Pete – Jeanette Tracy
23b    Bully Brag – Mike Tracy

24a    Harrayn Pretty Sporty – Jerry Raynor
24b    Great River Mackenzie – Mike Tracy

25a    Southwind Jetset Drifter – Travis Gellhaus
25b    Ladywood’s Keepsake – Jeanette Tracy

26a    Cock-N-Fire Maggie – Jerry Raynor
26b    Backcounrty Tornado – Mike Tracy


Open Derby

1a    The Slight Edge – Mike Tracy
1b    Browntown Histyle – Jerry Raynor

2a    Klee’s Geechee Gal – Mike Tracy
2b    Pine Straw Sweet Tea – Jeanette Tracy

3a    McRee’s Glory B – Pat McPherson
3b   Browntown Super Sport – Jerry Raynor

4a    Bail Me Out – Mike Tracy
4b    Ladywood’s Miss Daisy – Jeanette Tracy

5a    Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer – Mike Tracy
5b    Sky’s The Limit – Jerry Raynor

6a    Rentz’s Fire & Ice – Jeanette Tracy
6b    McRee’s Roxanne – Pat McPherson

7a    Great River Survivor – Mike Tracy
7b    Premier’s Ultra – Bruce Mercer

8a    Bulltaeo – Mike Tracy
8b    Archer’s Amazing Carma – Jeanette Tracy

9a    Decoy Lake’s Lexie – Jerry Raynor
9b    Ignite The Nite – Mike Tracy

10a   Land Cruiser Benny – Jeanette Tracy
10b  Lone Tree Showbiz – Travis Gellhaus

11a    Bad Bourbon – Mike Tracy
11b    Sassy Creek – Jeanette Tracy

12a    Neely’s Paint The Town – Mike Tracy
12b    Browntown Rattle – Jerry Raynor


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