Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

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Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog Classic    
January 8, 2016
Burnt Branch Plantation
Ochlocknee, GA
1a Beckwortrh’s Firefight York
1b Wait Till Midnite Crosby
2a Mae Bull Saniga
2b Cassiques Low Rider Pinson
3a American Express Lane Peterson
3b LA Birdie Henness
4a Its Only Money Honey F Miller
4b Heard Hill Miss Q B Heard
5a Rockabully Saniga
5b Pretty in Pink Nickalus
6a Quail Hollow Dixie Darlin’ K Norton
6b Miller’s She’s a Hot Cookie F Miller
7a Hawk’s Line Up McDuffie
7b Miller’s Lite Cruiser Moses
8a Sedge Surfer Moore
8b Pineywoods Jackpot Henley
9a Native Lucky Boy Harkins
9b Nehawka Tall Boy Crayne
10a Conway Twitty Atkins
10b Billy Ben Moore
11a Miller’s Armed and Dangerous Crosby
11b Conecuh Station’s Lou Gibson
12a Nehawka Shenanigans Crayne
12b A Keystone Kid Saniga
13a Heard Hill’s Misbehavin’ L Heard
13b Magnum’s Ice Queen Nitchman
14a Kiki’s Bud Lite Roberts
14b Pace Moore
15a Lester’s Prime Poison Lane Peterson
15b Ty Ty’s Black Diamond Roberts
16a Miller’s Bring the Heat J Miller
16b Conecuh Station Fadeaway Gibson
17a Debit or Credit Goodson
17b Warrant Officer Goodwin
18a The Crowd Plaeaser Moses
18b Native Cotton Again Harkins



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