National Amateur Quail Championship

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** 4 braces a day will be run with a brace on standby each day *********** ********
1 Crouse’s Kentucky Wind PM Mike Crouse
Dubose Smoking Joe PM Bobby Dubose
2 Go Boy’s Live Wire PM Garland Priddy
Showtime Charlie Chan PM Copeland/Sholar
3 One Gun PM Woody Watson
Mohawk Mill Lighthouse PM Gary Winall
4 Phillips Stormline PM John Milton
Marque’s Hustler PM Nygard/Epp
5 Crouch’s Scoot Coot PM Jeff Crouch
Caladen’s River Hawk PF Randy Marsh
6 Silverline Storm PM Jim Goza
White’s Solid Reward PM Ivester/Epp
7 Rester’s Fanny Mae PF Cecil Rester
Go Boys Flashback PM Garland Priddy
8 Samara Pride PM Bruce Norton
Coffee Gap Lester PM Keith Bollendorf
9 Shadow’s Bewitched PF Woody Watson
Daniel’s Queen Bee PF IS Daniel/Goza
10 Crouch’s Cyber Cast PM Jeff Crouch
Mohawk Mill Jacob SM Gary Winall
11 Strut’s Rambling Man PM Epp/Crouse
Erin’s Full Throttle PM Scott Jordan
12 Touch’s Game Point PM Sholar/Watson
Erin’s True Grit PM Quinton Wiseman
13 Rester’s Super Chief PM Cecil Rester
Barshoe Santiago PM John Harmon
14 Upper Limit PM Garland Priddy
Crouse’s Smoking Joe PM Mike Crouse
15 Lester’s Skywatch PM Sholar/Watson
Rebel Pride PM David Williams
16 Crouse’s Savage Sam PM Mike Crouse
Miller’s Martha White PF Derek Bonner
17 The Storyteller PM Epp/Crouse
Saddle Up Sally PF Copeland/Sholar
18 Barshoe Barecelona PM John Harmon
Erin’s Rain Man PM Rick Stallings
19 Silverline Dancing Bear PM Jim Goza
Crouse’s Samuri Warrior PM Mike Crouse
20 Lester’s Prime Poison Lane PM Brian Peterson
Mohawk Mill Pirate PM Gary Winall

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