2015 Continental Call-back Dogs

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Congratulations to the 2015 Continental Call-back Dogs:

1 -Lester’s Shout Out, Robin Gates
Audabon Americus, Richie Robertson

2 – Lester’s Bodacious, Ricky Furney
Showtime Charlie Chan, Larron Copeland

3 – Shadow’s Full Throttle, Robin Gates
Funsekin Hitman, Jamie Daniels

4 – Erin’s Wild Justice, Luke Eisenhart
Miller’s Dialing In, Gary Lester

5 – Westfall’s Black Ace, Andy Daugherty
Lester’s Skywatch, Mark McLean

6 – Stallion, Tommy Davis
Erin’s Kentucky Gambler, Luke Eisenhart

**2015 Top Qualifying Dog** Erin’s Kentucky Gambler          Eisenhart


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