Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

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Quail Run Amateur Shooting Dog
Quail Run Plantation
Lynn Haven, FL

Starts Thursday Jan. 8th at 12:00 Noon CST

1. Smokin GI Joe’s III Girl Bruner
Blevy Gibson
2.LA Birdey Hennes
Bluebar Jill Hood
3. Miller’s Bring the Heat J Miller
Jamback’s MisAmerica Capps
4. Sedge Surfer Moore
Smokin GI Joe’s Sonny Bruner
5. It’s Only Money Honey F Miller
Mcrees Perfect Posture McPherson
6. Joe Kidd Gibson
Miller’s Black Bute J Miller
7. Smokin Joe’s Lucy Bruner
McRees Scarlet McPherson
8. Fadeaway Gibson
Dubose Smokin Joe Dubose
9. Jamback’s Amazing Grace Capps
Miller’s Sheeza Hot Cookie F Miller
10. Conway Twitty Atkins
Miller’s Light Cruiser Moses
11. Samara Pride B Norton
Results May Vary Goodson
12. Happy Daise Harrell
Crowd Pleaser Moses
13. Heard Hill’s Misbehavin’ L Heard
Miller’s Armed and Dangerous Crosby
14. Native Lucky Boy Harkins
Smokin GI Joe’s Rambo Bruner
15. Heard hill’s Miss P L Heard
Piney Woods Nail Biter Henley
16. Quail Roost Sue Sue Wells
Miller’s Calamity Jane Moses
17.Conecuh Station Lucy Gibson
Wait Till Midnite Crosby
18. Debit or Credit Goodson
Struttin Across City Scott



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