Henry Banks

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Henry Banks Memorial Field Trial

Amateur Shooting Dog

1. Honey Bear PF Miller

Jane PF M.Moses

2. Elhew G. Force PM Moore

Heard Hill’s Misbehavin Heard

3. Dan PM M.Moses

Lacy PF Miller

4. Iron and Oak SM Leonard

Ray SM Miller

5. Heard Hill’s Ms Q. Heard

Waiting Till Midnight PF Crosby

6. Cassique’s Bohicket PM Pinson

Sedge Surfer PM Moore

7. Prodigy’s Tre SM Leonard

Heard Hill’s Queen Mary PF Heard

8. Scout PF Harrell

Cassique’s Linda Rondstat PF Jackson

9. Houston’s Blue Diamond SM Leonard

Armed and Dangerous PM Crosby

10. Kate PF Miller

Will SM J.Moses

11. Heard Hill’s Tin Star PF Heard

Macy’s First Edition PF (IS) Lambert

12. Dan PM York

Crouch’s Blackeyed Pea PF Crouch

13. Crouch’s Scoot Coot PM Crouch

Skyview High N Tight SF Roberts

14. Crouch’s Happy Daise PF Crouch

Kiki’s Budlight PM Roberts

Open Shooting Dog

1. Comeback Kid PM Williams

Conecuh Station Blackhawk PM Ray

2. Tallokas Bud PM Loper

Conecuh Station Blackmarket PM Ray

3. BW Fireworks PF Williams

Small Town Throw Down PM Sheperd

4. Ebony Masterpiece PM Williams

Land Line PM Sheperd

5. Elhew G Force PM Ray

Jake PM Rehberg

6. Cassique’s Bohickety PM Ray

Open Derby

1. Kate PF Hamm

Miller’s Etchin Gold PF Norman

2. Unchained Spirit PM Bush

Miller’s Dialin For Dollars PF Norman

3. Miller’s Unchained Melody Pf Norman

Maddie PF Hamm

· The trial will begin with the ASD beginning at 1:30 PM on Friday. No lunch served on Friday.

· All open stakes will be completed on Monday by running 4 braces Monday morning.



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