Conecuh Station OSD

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Conecuh Station Open Shooting Dog Union Springs. AL
Oct 27, 2014

1a Bluebar Jill -G Tracy
1b Neely’s High Cotton -Neely
2a Casique’s Low Rider -Ray
2b Greenway Belle -Hartwig/Lee
3a Neely’s Rock and Roll -Neely
3b CS Fadeaway- Hamm
4a Sugarknoll Warpaint- G Tracy
4b Hawks Line- Hartwig/Lee
5a Calico’s Dynomite- G Tracy
5b Cassique’s Blueridge- Ray
6a CS Joe Kidd- Hamm
6b The Crowd Pleaser- G Tracy
7a Sedgefield’s Tom Tom- Hartwig/Lee
7b Sedge Surfer- Ray
8a High Drive Ranger- G Tracy
8b CS White Hawk- Hamm
9a Great River Class- G Tracy
9b CS Pressure Test – Ray
10a CS Coldwater Rex- Hamm
10b Sedgefield’s Dollar Bill- Hartwig/ Lee
11a Erin’s War Creek- G Tracy
11b CS Black Rock- Ray
12a CS Lucy- Hamm
12b Awsome Country Girl- G Tracy
13a Kate- S Hurdle
13b CS Power Play- Hamm
14a Elhew G Force- Ray
14b Miller’s Brown Eyed Girl- G Tracy
15a CS Black Market- Ray
15b Jake- Pombrio
16a CS Bleny- Hamm
16b Calico’s Touch of Class- G Tracy
17a Erin’s Silver Wings- G Tracy
17b CS Shoeshine- Ray
18a Miller’s Armed and Dangerous- Ray
18b Miller’s Vanilla Snow- G Tracy


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