2014 Southeastern Open All Age Championship

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1a) Shadow’s Full Throttle PM / Gates

1b) Green Beret PM / Furney

2a) Miller’s Dialing In PM / Lester

2b) Lester’s Storm PM / Phillips

3a) Erin’s Whiskey River PM / Derrig

3b) Phillips Stormline PM / Furney

4a) Lester’s Skywatch PM / McLean

4b) Erin’s Kentucky Gambler PM / Eisenhart

5a) Stallion PM / Davis

5b) Watch The Charm PM / Furney

6a) Touch’s White Russian PM / Furney

6b) Law and Order PM / Gates

7a) Chinquapin Speck PM / Gates

7b) Caladen’s River Hawk PF / Rayl

8a) Erin’s Full Trottle PM / Jordan

8b) Erin’s Wild Justice PM / Derrig

9a) Funseekin Hitman PM / Daniels

9b) Erin’s Braveheart PM / Derrig

10a) Erin’s Hidden Shamrock SM / Derrig

10b) Neely’s Rock and Roll PM / Gates

11a) Natural Bottom PM / McLean

11b) Game Strut PM / Davis

12a) Miller’s Creative Cause PM / Lester

12b) Shadow Oak Bo SM / Gates

13a) Loneoak Warpath PM / Shenker

13b) Erin’s Foolish Pride PM / Eisenhart

14a) Big Sky Pete PM / Gates

14b) Browntown Johnny Reb PM / Eisenhart

15a) Chickasaw Zackery SM / Phillips

15b) Showtime Charley Chin PM / Copeland

16a) Sinbad’s Rebel Dye PF IS / Daniels

16b) Diamond Dust PF IS / Phillips

17a) Reward’s Chinquapin PM / Robinson

17b) Decision Maker PM / Shenker

18a) Dominator’s Dotted Line PF IS / Daniels

18b) Chinquapin’s Sandy PF IS / Sykes

19a) Lester’s Shutout PM / Gates

19b) Erin’s Dog Soldier PM / Eisenhart

20a) Erin’s Muddy River PM / Gates

20b) Erin’s Top Gun PM / Eisenhart

21a) Just Irresistible PM / Daniels

21b) Phantom’s Slim Buck PM / Furney

22a) Erin’s Special Force PM / Eisenhart

22b) Shadow’s Reflection PM / Gates

23a) Calvaryman PM / Moreland

23b) Lester’s Jacked Up PM / Gates

24a) Elhew Jimbo PM / Phillips

24b) Caladen’s Rail Hawk PM / Shenker

25a) Pickin Time PM / Tande

25b) Fireline PM / McLean

26a) Hendrick’s Outlier PF / Davis

26b) Jambach’s Sugar PF / BW Morton

27a) Chinquapin Reward PM / Sykes

27b) Salvation PM / Robinson

28a) Haggerty Road Jack PM / Gates

28b) Notorious Red Bull PM / Eisenhart

29a) Lester’s Bodacious PM / Furney

29b) Erin’s Broken Arrow PM / Eisenhart

30a) House’s River Fever PF / Morton

30b) Touch’s Game Point PM / McLean

31a) Lester’s Pretty Boy PM / Phillips

31b) Chinquapin Troubadour PM / Sykes

32a) Eisenhower PM / Robinson

32b) Buzzsaw Black Hawk PM / Rayl

33a) House’s Buckwheat Hawk PM / McLean

33b) Ridgeway’s White Diamond PM / Rayl

34a) Ridgeway’s Penny Line PF / Rayl

34b) Buck Mitchell PM / Phillips

35a) Three Rivers’ PM / Gates

35b) Erin’s Longbow PM / Eisenhart

36a) Gunpowder and Lead PM / Morton

36b) Sandhill Trig PM / Rayl

37a) Erin’s Wide River PM / Eisenhart

37b) KF Iceman PM / Carlton

38a) Anticipation Allegretto PF / Furney

38b) Standing Tall PM / Tande


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