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1.         High Dollar Music      PF       Atkins

Gin and Juice              PF       Montgomery


2.         Smoking Joe                PM      Dubose

Prissy                          PF       McFerrin


3.         Smokin GI Joe            SM      Bruner

Buffalo Bull                PM      Hood


4.         Bitter Sweet Alpin      PM      Gillota

Conway Twitty          PM      Atkins


5.         Western Union            PM      Goodwin

Prodigy’s Destiny      SF        Shearhouse


6.         Smokin GI Bandit       SM      Bruner

Great River Class        PF       Sanchez


7.         Ruby                           PF       Capps

Bullerina                      PF       Hood


8.         Earl                              PM      Hughes

Kate                            PF       Miller/Miller


9.         Captain Bill                 PM      Hendley

Jake                             PM      Pombrio


10.       Quail Roost Sue          PF       Wells/McPherson

Quakin Lady               PF       Arlington


11.       Pineywoods Nailbiter SM      Hendley

Doc                             PM      Hughes


12.       May Flowers              PF       Dubose

Great River Magnum  PM      Sanchez


13.       Coot                            PM      Smith

Good Time Buddy      PM      O’Neal


14.       Hi Drive Cobra           PM      Key

Wait Til Midnight       PM      Crosby/Northcutt


15.       Miller’s Lite Cruzer    PM      Moses

Goodtime Rosie          PF       O’Neal


16.       Gritt                            PM      McDuffie

Queenie                       PF       Heard

17.       Sage Surfer                  PM      Moore

Ned                             PM      King


18.       Beth                            PF       Pinson

Honey Bear                 PF       Miller/Miller


19.       The Crowd Pleaser     PF       Moses

Queen                          PF       Heard


20.       Molly                          PF       Pinson

Time Out                    PM      Crosby/Northcutt


21.       Miller’s Armed & Dangerous             PM      Crosby/Northcutt

G Force                                               PM      Moore



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