Old Atlanta FTC Drawing

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Old Atlanta FTC

Manchester, GA

January 31-February 2nd

Judges: Charles Young & Dr. JoJo Denton


Friday am – Open Derby


1 Red- Lovern

Queenie- Heard


2 Sally- Hall

Cotton- Harkins


3 Smut- Heard

Lulu- Arlington/Jones


4 Lucky- Harkins

Hank- Perry


5 Butch- Heard

Bo- Perry


6 Prissy- Arlington/Jones

Dot- Lambert


Friday pm – Open Derby


7 Gates Road Mike- Bush

Bob- Neely


8 Dee- Neely

Rose- Hall


Friday pm – L.A. “Bill” Miller Amateur Shooting Dog Classic


1 Quaking Lady- Arlington

Shadow’s Bewitched- Neely


2 High Dollar Music- Atkins

Nehawka Blackjack- Crayne



Saturday am


3 Heard Hill’s Tin Star- Heard

Evan’s Super Chief- Lambert


4 Goodtime Rosie- Brown

Ground Storm- Pombrio


5 Old Jack Johnson- Brooks

R.J.’s Deicer- Neely


6 Heard Hill’s Ms. Q- Heard

Hillhavyn’s Runaway Lucy- Brown


Saturday pm


7 Samara Pride- Norton

Heard Hill’s Queen Mary- Heard


8 Conway Twitty- Atkins

Hillhavyn’s Stump Jumper- Brown


9 Bad Prairie Storm Valley- Norton

Buffalo Bull- Hood



Sunday am


10 Great River Class- Sanchez

Neely’s Hot Pepper- Neely


11 Hillhavyn’s Showgirl- Brown

Great River Magnum- Sanchez


Special Thanks to our landowner, Dr. Jim Sams

Special Thanks to our sponsors, Blaylock Lakes, Purina, & Merial, makers of Frontline Plus

Low Country Boil & cocktail party after Saturday’s running sponsored by Buck & Lynn Heard, owner of last years classic winner, Heard Hill’s Queen Mary


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