Old Atlanta Field Trial Club

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Old Atlanta Field Trial Club

Member AFTCA, DTFTA, & AFTA • Blank Ammo & Manufactured Barrel Guns Only!


A PURINA AMATEUR TOP SHOOTING DOG AWARD POINTS TRIAL & AMATEUR INVITATIONAL POINTS TRIAL Grounds: The Redland, courtesy of Dr. Jim Sams, 7.1 miles east of Manchester, GA, on Chalybeate Springs Rd. Directions: From Woodbury, south on GA 85 to stop sign in Manchester. Turn left and the grounds are 7.1 miles on the right. From Auburn, AL, take I-85 North to the first exit into Georgia (GA 18). Turn right and travel 45 miles to Woodbury, GA. Turn right on GA 85 to stop sign in Manchester. Turn left and the grounds are 7.1 miles on the right. Parking area will be across the road from where it normally is. Lunch available daily on grounds. Low country boil after Saturday’s running sponsored by Buck & Lynn Heard, owners of last year’s Classic winner, Heard Hill’s Queen Mary. Single course. Bitches in season may not compete. Pre-Drawing: Tuesday, January 28, 8:00 P.M. (EST), at the home of the president. Accommodations: Hotels in Warm Springs, GA, or Thomaston, GA.

OPEN DERBY (30 Min.)—50% divided 50-30-20 ……………………………………………………$50.00

Judges: Charles Young, Cassatt, SC, and Dr. Jo Jo Denton, Camden, SC
— Special thanks to our sponsors: Purina and Merial —
Entries to: JOE RENTZ, Pres., 411 Hampton Rd., Fayetteville, GA 30215

Phone: (770) 841-5948 • Email: jbrentz@bellsouth.net • All emailed entries will be confirmed

The Old Atlanta Field Trial Club, its officers, nor the landowners are not responsible and can not be held liable for any accidents involving anyone attending the trial, their horses, dogs, or equipment.

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  1. Old Atlanta FTC
    Manchester, GA
    January 31-February 2nd
    Judges: Charles Young & Dr. JoJo Denton

    Friday am – Open Derby

    1 Red- Lovern
    Queenie- Heard

    2 Sally- Hall
    Cotton- Harkins

    3 Smut- Heard
    Lulu- Arlington/Jones

    4 Lucky- Harkins
    Hank- Perry

    5 Butch- Heard
    Bo- Perry

    6 Prissy- Arlington/Jones
    Dot- Lambert

    Friday pm – Open Derby

    7 Gates Road Mike- Bush
    Bob- Neely

    8 Dee- Neely
    Rose- Hall

    Friday pm – L.A. “Bill” Miller Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

    1 Quaking Lady- Arlington
    Shadow’s Bewitched- Neely

    2 High Dollar Music- Atkins
    Nehawka Blackjack- Crayne

    Saturday am

    3 Heard Hill’s Tin Star- Heard
    Evan’s Super Chief- Lambert

    4 Goodtime Rosie- Brown
    Ground Storm- Pombrio

    5 Old Jack Johnson- Brooks
    R.J.’s Deicer- Neely

    6 Heard Hill’s Ms. Q- Heard
    Hillhavyn’s Runaway Lucy- Brown

    Saturday pm

    7 Samara Pride- Norton
    Heard Hill’s Queen Mary- Heard

    8 Conway Twitty- Atkins
    Hillhavyn’s Stump Jumper- Brown

    9 Bad Prairie Storm Valley- Norton
    Buffalo Bull- Hood

    Sunday am

    10 Great River Class- Sanchez
    Neely’s Hot Pepper- Neely

    11 Hillhavyn’s Showgirl- Brown
    Great River Magnum- Sanchez

    Special Thanks to our landowner, Dr. Jim Sams
    Special Thanks to our sponsors, Blaylock Lakes, Purina, & Merial, makers of Frontline Plus
    Low Country Boil & cocktail party after Saturday’s running sponsored by Buck & Lynn Heard, owner of last years classic winner, Heard Hill’s Queen Mary