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DERBY Dogs Name Breed Sex Handler/Owner
1A Big Swamp Kate P F Danny Rhyne
1B Cowboys and Angels P F Howard Johnson
2A Miller’s Train Robber P M Fran & Jack Miller
2B The Crowd Pleaser P M Mike Moses
3A LA Cruiser P M Danny Rhyne
3B Beckworth’s Fireworks P F Alan York
4A Beckworth’s Firefighter P M Alan York
4B Nickels Pretty in Pink P F Bill Nickels
5A Ice Image P M Brian Sanchez
5B Red Fern’s Marmaduke S M Grant Rudolph
6A Coast to Coast P M Mike Moses
6B Nickels Witchy Woman P F Bill Nickels
7A Walnut Tree Fred P M Mills/Liesfield
7B Super Fire RS F Sean Melvin
8A Sugar Knoll Sledge Hammer P M Liesfield/Mills
8B Miller’s Vanilla Snow P F Jack & Fran Miller
9A Walnut Tree Mac P M Mills/Liesfield
9B Ella P F John Neely
10A Miller’s Okie Joe P F Jack & Fran Miller
10B Bill P M Liesfield/Mills
11A LS Rocketman P M Liesfield/Mills
11B High Drive Rebel P M Alan Linder
12A Mike P M Liesfield/Mills
12B Lady P F John Neely
13A LS Tornado S M Liesfield/Mills
13B High Drive Chez P M Alan Linder
14A CS Shoeshine P M Tony Gibson
14B High Drive Lucky P F Alan Linder
Dogs Name Breed Sex Handler/Owner
1A I’m Bud’s Shadow P M Sammy Giddens
1B Miller’s Lite Cruiser P M Mike Moses
2A Great River Magnum P M Brian Sanchez
2B Neely’s Strictly Business P M John Neely
3A Miller’s Calamity Jane Lady P F Mike Moses
3B Erin’s Black River P F Tommy Brigman
4A Crouch’s Scoot Coot P M Jeff Crouch
4B Klee’s Showboat P F Roger Duerksen
5A Cottonwood Reward Bandit P M Tim Ruff
5B CS Fieldgate P M Tony Gibson
6A Exit Lane P M Brian Peterson
6B Crouch’s Cyber Cast P M Jeff Crouch
7A Cassique’s Podigy P F Ray Pinson
7B CS Joe Kidd P M Tony Gibson
8A Klee’s Bruiser P M Roger Duerksen
8B I’m Simple Pleasure P M Sammy Giddens
9A CS Lucy P F* Tony Gibson
9B Cassique’s Blue Ridge P F Ray Pinson
10A Great River Class P F Brian Sanchez
10B The Insider S M Alan York
11A Calico’s Dynamite P M Alan Linder
11B Shadow Effigy P F John Neely
12A CS Black Market P M Tony Gibson
12B Elhew’s G Force P M Tim Moore
13A Neely’s New Yorker P M Regis Linn
13B Cassiques Linda Ronstadt P F Tim Moore
14A Grateful Spirit P M Sammy Giddens
14B Cassique’s Low Rider P M Ray Pinson
15A CS Shortstop P F* Tony Gibson
15B Hart’s Delight P F Tim Moore
16A Miller’s Dream Chaser P F Mike Moses
16B High Drive Casey P M Brian Sanchez
17A RJ’s Longshot P M Tommy Brigman
17B Sedge Surfer P M Tim Moore
18A I’m Southern Style P M Sammy Giddens
18B RJ Carbon Copy P M Alan Linder
19A Neely’s Hot Pepper P F John Neely
19B Cassique’s Amazing Grace P F Tim Moore
20A Silver Hill Lucy P F Brian Sanchez
20B Lawless P M Harvey Crosby
21A CS Fade Away P F* Tony Gibson
21B Erin’s Lady Luck P F Tommy Brigman
22A Ky Ky Bud Lite P M Neely/Roberts
22B Brown’s Tom Tom P M Tommy Brigman
23A Erin’s Silver Wings P M Alan Linder
23B Nickels Road Work P M Bill Nicolaus
24A Miller’s Armed and Dangerous P M Harvey Crosby
24B CS Pressure Test S M Tony Gibson
25A Nickels Road Warrior P M Bill Nicolaus
25B Rock Story Storm P M Regis Linn
26A CS Shoeshine P M Tony Gibson
26B High Drive Rocky P M Alan Linder
27A Leo’s Anna S F* Leo Jackson
27B It’s my Time P F Harvey Crosby
28A CS Power Play P M Tony Gibson
28B Klee’s Big Bear P M Roger Duerksen
29A Brown’s Tiger P M Mr Brown
29B Erin’s War Creek P M Alan Linder
30A Walden’s Ridge Dominator P M David Steele
30B Heard’s Hill’s Queen Mary P F Buck & Lynn Heard
31A Big “N” Bold P M Roger Duerksen
31B High Drive Cobra P M Alan Linder



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