Russell County Field Trial Club Brace Sheets

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Russell County Field Trial Club
Leon Shiver Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic
1.        Winterset Arriba                                     pf            M. Tracy
High Drive Rocky                                    pm         G. Tracy
2.       Miller’s Atomic Rain                              pf            M. Tracy
Miller’s Vanilla Snow                             pf            G. Tracy
3.       Covey Up Woody                                    pm         J. Tracy
Enhancement Southern Bell                                pf            M. Tracy
4.       Ice’s Image                                                  pm         M. Tracy
Dominator’s Legacy                                                pm         J. Tracy
5.       Heritage                                                       pm         M. Tracy
Awsum Country Girl                             pf            G. Tracy
6.       Erin’s Silver Wings                                 pf            G. Tracy
Great River Ice                                         pm         M. Tracy
7.       Maple Valley Cowgirl                            pf            J. Tracy
Jetsettin Jenny                                           pf            M. Tracy
8.       Jake                                                               pf            Bob Pombrio
Barcelona Bull                                           pm         M. Tracy
9.       Klee’s Handsome Hank                         pf            M. Tracy
Sugarknoll Warpaint                             pm         G. Tracy
10.    Attitude’s Iron Will                                                pm         M. Tracy
Moonlight Magic                                     pf            G. Tracy
11.      Hillhaven’s Stump Jumper                   pm         J. Tracy
Erin’s War Creek                                    pm         G Tracy
12.     Palera                                                           pf            M. Tracy
Chiseled in Stone                                      pf            J. Tracy
13.     Erin’s Boxcar Willie                                               pm         M. Tracy
Misty Acre’s Abby                                  pf            G. Tracy
14.    Big                                                                  pm         M. Tracy
Calico’s Touch of Class                         pf            G. Tracy
15.     Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow            pf            M. Tracy
R. J.’s Carbon Copy                                 pm         G. Tracy
16.      Sedgefield’s Dollar Bill                          pm         Hartwig/ Lee
 The Lobbiest                                             pm         J. Tracy
17.     Octavio                                                        sm          M. Tracy
Calico’s Dyno Mite                                 pm         G. Tracy
18.     Greenway Belle                                         pf            Hartwig/Lee
Lucy                                                              pf            Brown
Leon Shiver Memorial Open Shooting Dog Derby
1.        Great River MacKenzie        pm         M. Tracy
High Drive Ranger                  pm         G. Tracy
2.       Calico’s  X Factor                    pm         G. Tracy
Tappahanna’s Cool Breeze   pf            J. Tracy
3.       Brown’s Miss April                 pf            J. Tracy
Hightailing Miss Kate            pf            M. Tracy
4.       Blue Bar Jill                                 pf            M. Tracy
Good Time Buddy                    pm         Pat. O’Neall
5.       High Drive Ice                           pm         G. Tracy
Great River Platinum            pm         M. Tracy
6.       Steel City Kate                           pf            J. Tracy
Native Cotton                            pm         B. Harkins
7.       Bee                                                 pf            M. Tracy
Awsum Full Throttle             pm         G. Tracy
8.       Duke of Earl                              pm         M. Tracy
Jamback’s Magic Mike         pm         G. Tracy
9.       Great River Dakota                                pf            M. Tracy
Miller’s Brown Eyed Girl      pf            G Tracy
10.    Magnum’s Ice Queen             pf            A. Nitchman
Little Girl Creek                       pf            M. Tracy
11.     Chigger Ridge Miss                                pf            H. Kizzie
Bully Brag                                   pm         M. Tracy
12.    Bo                                                   pm         J Rentz
Great River Shagger                               pm         G. Tracy
13.    Our Bully Boi                             pm         M. Tracy
High Drive Rogue                    pm         G. Tracy
14.    Calico’s Cowboy Casanova pm          M. Tracy
Hillhaven’s Showgirl              pf            J. Tracy

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